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Autorinomina simplicity to rename files.

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Easy and quick

Simple interface for beginners

Rename any file type video, audio, images and more

It reads data from the most popular formats MKV, MP3, JPG ...

Customizable by numbering to the information to be included in the filenames

Instant preview checks the files before renaming

Completely free no ads and no spyware

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Designed to rename TV Series

Style numbers are available in various formats such as 1x02, S01E02 ...

 Special filter allow you to automatically clean the file names
Original file name
Filtered file name
6x06 - Once upon a time - Acque profonde.mkv

Access The TVDB rename files using one the most complete database!

Preset save and share with anyone your customizations

Easily rename photos and sounds

Rearrange better your photos when you rename can make use of EXIF information. The EXIF metadata information are contained in the files can also be used to rename, such as the image size, camera model, exposure time or orientation.

Like the photos even audio files have their metadata in ID3-Tag. Use this information to rename your songs as you like for example using the song title, artist name, genre or any other data more technical.

You can also choose to keep the numbering of the original files, and more.

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