How to contribute

Autorinomina is freeware. As free software is very helpful external help, is not taken into account the individual qualities of a person as a programmer, graphic or any other use, the importance is the time that you can dedicate to give your support, if not as a donation.


How you can help

  • Request new features or provide it (linguaggio .NET WPF)
  • Report a bug
  • Translate the application in your language
  • Write a tutorial
  • Create better graphics
  • Improve web content
  • Give everyone a copy of Autorinomina
  • Helping other people to use Autorinomina
  • and so on...


Translate the application in your language

You can translate the application in your language in a completely independent way, through reposity Github you can download the language files to be translated.
The files are in Excel format and you need to keep that format.

If you are familiar with Github, you can send a Pull-Request to incorporate your changes.
If you are not familiar with Github, you can submit your changes in ZIP compressed format to e-mail support This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Write tutorials

You can write your tutorial and send e-mail support, are taken into account tutorial written in Italian and English language.
Each tutorial received will be evaluated and will be published in the website with reference to the author.


Create better graphics

Before committing to this area please contact the author.

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