Getting started

Getting started


This is a quick guide to begin to understand how it works Autorinomina.
Before you start you have to understand that this software has specific functions to rename the most common file formats, for this reason it was decided to categorize the software functionality.


 Step 1: The categories

Each category corresponds to a type of file you can rename. There are five categories:

 TV Series Category designed to rename video files of TV Series

 Video Category to rename video files of any type

 Audio Category to rename audio files like songs

 Images Category to rename photos or other images

 General Category in this category you can rename any file type, eg, text documents, excel, pdf, etc ...

The first thing to do is to choose the right category for the files to be renamed, by clicking on the drop down button in the toolbar you can change the category.

In this quick guide for simplicity we take into account the example to rename some photos.
Then select the Images Category 

 Step 2: Put the files to be renamed

There are several methods to include in the list the files you want to rename, we see the two most common methods.

From the toolbar
By clicking on the folder icon  you can add all the files in a folder
By clicking on the file icon  you can add one by one the desired files

To drag
As shown, select from File Explorer files to be add, then drag them inside the Autorinomina window.
Likewise, you can directly drag the folder itself, automatically Autorinomina will add the files contained within it.

Once you inserted the files, will be shown in the list.

 Step 3: Customize file names

In this space you can change file names, that is the place where you can define the basic information where the software will use to create the new file names.

As you can see from the picture there is a Numbering field, a field Separator (which contains a hyphen) and a Text field.

The software then interprets the added fields, by returning the following results: "1 - my beautiful dog.jpg", "2 - my beautiful dog.jpg", "3 - my beautiful dog.jpg", ... and so on

By default the software expected to fetch the numbering of photos directly from the original file names, however, it often happens that photos from smartphones have a proprietary numbering.
For this reason we need to change the fields that compose the basic information for the new file names.

To make these changes, follow exactly these steps:

  1. You must remove the Numbering field in charge to catch the numbering from the original file name,
    then move your mouse over the Numbering field and in the tooltip click on the item Remove field.
  2. Now we add a new custom numbering,
    then click on the button  and select the menu item Sequential numbering.
  3. Now we have to move the field Sequential numbering, at the beginning of the filename,
    using the mouse, click and hold, then drag the Sequential numbering field by moving it to the beginning (near the pencil).

In the same manner you can add/edit/remove any other information fields.
Any customization can be saved in presets for future use.
For a more detailed explanation of the presets, refer to page The presets (italian language).

Now you can proceed to generate the preview, so check if the results are as desired before renaming.

 Step 4: Preview and renaming files

Now that you have established the basic information to generate the new file names, you can proceed with the preview.
Click on the Preview button and wait the operation is completed.

The preview is mandatory, because in addition to generating the preview it checks if there are problems, such as conflicts with existing and duplicate file names.
Each problem will be notified to the user and viewable in the Status column.

When all the results are correct, you can proceed in permanently rename the files by clicking the Rename all button.
In case you want to restore the renamed files with their original names, simply click on the Restore all button.

Congratulations! you have acquired the basic knowledge to rename with Autorinomina



Detailed guide

You can read more detailed guides on the following pages


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