Autorinomina - 02/06/2017

  • Switch to TheTVDB APIv2 (slower but more precise) APIv1 will be discontinued
  • Some improvement in TheTVDB results dialog window
  • Added possibility of choice season association to Aired or DVD/BD to TheTVDB (i recommend leave default)
  • Added "Reload languages" in the TVDB advanced options
  • Removed TVDB field "Number of seasons" deprecated in TheTVDB APIv2
  • Reintroduced option to permit fallback to english when an episode title is missing (option missing in TheTVDB APIv2) now customizable in advanced options
  • Corrected some mistakes/missing strings in italian and english language
  • No more rarely empty episode/season title results when use TheTVDB, caused by cache problem (bug in TheTVDB APIv1)
  • No more double english results in The TVDB search (bug in TheTVDB APIv1)
  • Removed TheTVDB cache (only used to TheTVDB APIv1)
  • Updated license file
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