Autorinomina - 28/03/2017

  • Complete rebuild of the application
  • New graphics Windows 10 metro style
  • New toolbar
  • New special filename filter for the categories Video, Audio, Images and General, plus weak filter options
  • New Preset system with support to Copy/Paste
  • New units of measurement for image size
  • New method of sequential numbering
  • New The TVDB fields informations: Creator, Director, Genre, Network, of episodes, of seasons
  • New filter field Regular expression
  • Improved Tv series special filter
  • Improved management of Black list (before called Junkwords in older versions) and Replace list
  • Accurate calculation of dpi and sizes of images
  • Fixed support for detection of more 99 episodes of Tv series
  • Added padding number option (manual and automatic based on the amount of files)
  • Real-time preview (on max 3 selected files)
  • Cross checking option with the local files in the preview
  • Customizable regex patterns for Tv series
  • Multilanguage system (now available also in English, wanted volunteers for translations in other languages)
  • Minor other improvements and new little options
  • Removed some rarely used functions: [filename conversion in 8.3/Fat12/16], [automatic shutdown], [Cloud Junkwords beta]
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